Three Ways to Add Sizzle To Your Summer

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Summer is right around the corner. It’s a special time of year that we dream about all winter long. Summertime has a way of making us feel carefree and alive. It’s a happy time when we’re outdoors more often, breathing in the smell of freshly cut grass and the sweet perfume of flowers. It’s a time when we feel the warm sunshine on our skin and everything looks colorful and alive!

Just don’t blink, because in a flash it will be September and you’ll wonder where the summer went.

IMG_0883Before summer disappears on you, join the DWAG gals to make summer purposeful by committing to doing three things—we call them Summer Sizzlers—that are good for your Mind, Body, Soul and Funny Bone and allow you to get the most out of your summer. Gather your girlfriends to define your Summer Sizzlers and make every day count this summer. We encourage you to define your Summer Sizzlers in the following areas:

  1. Improve your health. Whether you want to quit smoking, choose healthier foods, lose weight or exercise more, decide on one thing you will do to improve your health. Write down your goal and be specific about what you will do, how often and when.
  2. Do something that makes you feel valued. Rather than allowing the summer to pass you by, do something that is meaningful. This could be volunteering, helping a not-for-profit organization or simply making an effort to be more kind to family, friends and strangers. Again, be specific on what you are going to do over the summer that will make you feel valuable.
  3. Take full advantage of the best part of summer. What is the best part of summer for you? It might be having friends and family over for a cookout or playing tennis or golf or maybe your best summer is boating or just hanging out around your pool. Whatever you define as your best summer is the third Summer Sizzler

sunshineHere are Deb’s Summer Sizzlers:

  1. Improved health. I want to lose ten pounds by July 20. I will do this by choosing healthier foods and running five times a week for at least an hour. I will also practice Yoga three times a week and take the Girlfriend Lifestyle Challenge with DWAG gal Julie and other girlfriends. More on the Girlfriend Lifestyle Challenge in next week’s post.
  2. Feel valued. I will do some project work for my husband’s company over the summer for 10-15 hours a week (and be compensated).
  3. My best summer. I will take full advantage of the country club we belong to, golfing at least twice a week, socializing with the members and swimming in the pool.

Here are Julie’s Summer Sizzlers:

  1. Get my body back in shape. I also want to lose several pounds and by a week earlier than Deb as I’ll be on the beach July 12th. Leaving bread in the basket and sweets on the grocery store shelf will help as well as guzzling lots of water instead of wine. I’m counting on the Girlfriend Lifestyle Challenge to keep me in check as I trim the fat. I’ll also be hitting at the tennis court more often and pounding on the treadmill a little harder.
  2. Feel valued. I volunteer as the treasurer of our tennis club and plan to put in more effort this year despite the fact that it’s not nearly as much fun as drinking wine and giggling.
  3. My best summer. I take care of my grandson one day a week and plan to show him the best that summer has to offer. We’re off to a good start as this past weekend we went for a stroll along a beachside trail and had a yummy picnic.

Don’t let the summer pass you by without having Summer Sizzlers! Leave us a comment and let us know what you’re going to do to make summer sizzle.

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2 thoughts on “Three Ways to Add Sizzle To Your Summer

  1. I love it that you guys have such great plans for the summer! Remember the days when the summer plan was to lie by the pool and read a book a week? Yeah…I want THOSE days back! Laugh! Hope both of you succeed in every way with those summer sizzlers. No doubt in my mind that you will:)

    • Thank you, Jacquie! We have plans but mine include hanging around the pool and reading a book. Hope you have a great summer!

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