The Hunt Is On!

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This activity is as much fun for the hostess as it is for her girlfriends but in very different ways. The hunt is for treasure and, in Drink Wine and Giggle style, that means girlfriendly treats. If you’re the hostess, you’ll want to create a treasure with a basket filled with wine, wine charms, cocktail napkins, chocolate, lip gloss, nail polish, candles or any other item that you know your friends will enjoy. Of course including a copy of our book Drink Wine and Giggle is always a welcoming gift.

gift basketHide a basket of treasures anywhere in your home and then create clues that will take your girlfriends from one place to another around your house or even outside. If that sounds daunting, it’s easier than you think.

First, make a list of a dozen places around your home where you could send your friends to find the next clue. The bookcase, a rocking chair, the back porch railing, gas meter outside the house, the garden hose, under your windshield wiper and in your oven are all good examples. The basket of goodies will be hidden in the last place you send your friends.

Next, take each place, think about its purpose and then write a two-line rhyming clue. For example, the primary purpose of a bookcase is to store books. Books are where you gain knowledge. So your clue might be:

magnifying glassHere’s a place where you can learn something new,
The shelves are good for holding photos too.

Okay, that might be corny, but sometimes the cornier the better. When your girlfriends find that clue, they will think about it and someone will shout “Bookcase!” When they find the bookcase they’ll uncover the next clue, perhaps peaking up from the pages of a book. In our example, it is a rocking chair. So, the clue might read:

magnifying glassGo to this place to sit a spell
Move gently back and forth and all is well.

This will send your friends to the rocking chair where they’ll find this clue:

magnifying glassHold on to me when leaning over
To look for a lucky four-leaf clover.

Now that they’ve found the back porch railing, you’ll want to get them to the gas meter outside the house, then to the garden hose, under your windshield wiper and finally to your oven where the basket of goodies is hidden.

Invite your friends over for The Hunt is On! You’re sure to have fun coming up with hiding places and watching your girlfriends try to decipher your clues.

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