Flex Your Mind

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Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
~ George Bernard Shaw

Imagine being stretched out on a yoga mat in pigeon pose. If you can hold this pose, then it might suggest that you are flexible, but physical flexibility does not translate to mental flexibility. Mental flexibility is the “ability to shift a course of thought or action according to the changing demands of a situation.” To test your tolerance for change, ask yourself the following questions. Continue reading

Chair Yoga

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In our last post, we described how you can have a 9-to-5 Workout by incorporating mini activities into your work life all day long to keep you active and give you more energy. If frequent trips up and down the stairs aren’t an option then we’ve got some ideas to wake up your body that seems to be chained to the desk. Continue reading

Detox Tricks and Tips

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In our last post, we asked the question “Who’s Ready to Detox?” because we know that after the holidays, some of us feel sluggish, bloated and need a jumpstart to eating properly again. Every January, the Drink Wine and Giggle Gals go on a detox program that is right for us. Not everyone has the same desires or needs and a detox program can be tailored made just for you. It starts with an affirmation of your plan to cleanse your body. Continue reading

The Drink Wine and Giggle Gals Share Their Mentor/Mentee Opportunities

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In our previous post we talked about the value of mentorship and how, if we think about mentorships more broadly than just our careers, our friends can also be our mentors. In our book Drink Wine and Giggle we identify specific mentorship opportunities such as Unpopular Mechanics where you share your Mr. Fix-It tendencies or Learn the Lingo where you share come hither phrases in various languages. With the activity that we call Friendship Mentorship you look for every possible way you and your girlfriends can help each other.

Julie, Deb and I have identified the following areas where we can mentor each other…

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