Are You Sleeping, Beautiful?

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Sleep is…the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.
~ Thomas Dekker

One of the best ways to keep you beautiful inside and out is to get enough sleep. It should be easy to get enough rest as our bodies are wired for downtime, but it seems too many of us are busy answering wake-up calls. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine reported that 20 percent of Americans are suffering from sleep deprivation and 60 percent get less than six hours of shut-eye per night. Continue reading


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Why is it that people say they ‘slept like a baby’ when babies wake up every couple hours? (and poop their pants in their sleep…)

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In our last post, we told you that getting plenty of sleep is imperative for staying beautiful on the inside and the outside. We challenged you to correctly guess what each letter represents in our formula for R.E.S.T. Here is our tip for getting R.E.S.T. and our own personal experience for getting some beauty sleep.

Did you correctly guess what each letter represents?

R=Relax. Take a big breath and let it out slowly. Imagine a soft wave of relaxation moving along your body, starting with relaxing your forehead, then moving to each of your eyes, your mouth and jaw, your neck and shoulders, and moving down to each of your arms, relaxing your wrists and each finger and finally down each leg to your ankles and then each toe. If you have to start from the top again, just go a little slower to give each body part time to completely relax. Continue reading