Meet the Authors

One American and two Canadians, Deb Mangolt, Julie Smethurst and Lynne Everatt, got together as their schedules allowed to enjoy much needed girlfriend time. Going back two decades (although they try to ignore the exact number of years), these three women met at work where they toiled together for many years in finance and marketing.

Let’s meet Deb, Julie and Lynne…

Meet Deb Mangolt: As an Event Planner and Certified Professional Coach, Deb brings her positive attitude and bubbly personality to turn family reunions, corporate team-building events and women’s retreats into memorable and intoxicating experiences that demonstrate the power of true compassion.

Deb’s former career in corporate finance has taken her across North America from Ohio to Tennessee to Toronto and finally to Charleston, South Carolina where she resides with her husband. A devoted hospice volunteer, member of the Charleston Center for Women, and an avid golfer and runner, Deb completed the Kiawah Island Marathon in less than five hours.

Meet Julie Smethurst: Julie is an accountant turned author, blogger and entrepreneur. The skills of balancing continue to come in handy as she juggles her latest pursuits with her most important roles—being a wife, mother and girlfriend. After 30 years as a Chartered Accountant in both public practice and industry, Julie took down her shingle and shifted her energy to pursue her lifelong desire to improve the lives of women. When not coming up with ways to help women get the life they deserve, Julie can be found practicing yoga, hitting at the tennis club with her family or curled up reading a book. Julie shares her home near Toronto, Ontario with her husband and two of her three children.

DSCN3180Meet Lynne Everatt: The girlfriend least likely to follow instructions, Lynne’s greatest joy in life is to make people laugh (ideally, while they’re working out). She is the author of Emails from the Edge (Insomniac Press 2006), a former Globe & Mail columnist (2003-2007) and passionate supporter of Interim Place, a women’s shelter. Lynne resides in Oakville, Ontario with her husband Louie who has expanded her horizons to include the Greek culture.

When she isn’t busy reading and writing at home or out with friends drinking wine and giggling, Lynne can usually be found at the gym, yoga studio or dance studio where her goal is to become the best tango dancer among Canadian writers.

First Impressions: Our earliest memories of each other are sketchy but revealing.

Julie remembers Deb as the person who decorated her office with streamers. Deb was often described as a party waiting to happen and jokester who surreptitiously renamed the corporate art with sticky notes. It was Deb that first lured Lynne to the fitness center during lunch hour, a life altering experience for which Lynne is eternally grateful.

Lynne’s first recollection of Julie was as the best-dressed pregnant woman she had ever seen. Lynne characterized her maternity style as Pregnant at Tiffany’s. Deb remembers Julie as a fascinating woman she met in finance meetings that she simply had to get to know.

Deb remembers Lynne as a somewhat intimidating figure wearing no-nonsense business suits with linebacker-sized shoulders. However, it didn’t take Deb long to figure out that Lynne’s demeanor was a façade and inside she was mostly monkey business. Julie would close her office door before opening Lynne’s emails because she knew she’d erupt into uncontrollable laughing spurts.

Since Deb, Julie and Lynne began creating the activities in Drink Wine and Giggle, each has left corporate life and experienced happiness unexpected during common business hours. Coincidence? We think not. We have a recipe for success we’re ready to share with women around the world!