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May 2013, Deb participates with Where Writers Win in the 17th Annual SC Book Festival, Columbia Star

April 2013, “Just Drink Wine and Giggle! How to Really Connect with Girlfriends,” Pink Magazine

March 23, 2013, “Wine Terms: Learning the Liquid Lingo,” Natalie Maclean’s delicious wine picks & pairings.

February 23, 2013, “Joy Radio with Drink Wine and Giggle Authors,” Pattie Welek-Hall’s Blog Talk Radio

February 23, 2013, “Drink Wine and Giggle: 101 Ways Girlfriends Can Connect, Have Fun and Be Inspired,” Girls Getaway Tips

February 20, 2013, “Deb Mangolt Creates Life Transformations from Drinking Wine and Giggling With Girlfriends” on the Reinvention Channel with Vidette Vanderweide.

February 19, 2013, “Good Wine & Laughs for Girlfriend Get-Togethers,” Natalie Maclean’s delicious wine picks & pairings and find our sampling of intoxicating wine reviews here.

January 29, 2013, “Your clothes: Dynamic, disastrous or in-between?,” Moultrie News

January 2013, “Get personal – make things happen!,” (scroll down to see…)

December 29, 2012, “How Developing Adult Friendships with No Less Than Four Close Friends Can Save Your Life,” Aspire Magazine

December 27, 2012, “Giggles Over Wine Yields Book,” Mississauga News







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