Know Thyself

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If you do not tell the truth about yourself, you cannot tell it about other people.
~ Virginia Woolf

Self-awareness—an understanding of ourselves, how we relate to people and how people relate to us—is important because it enables us to build on our strengths and identify areas we may want to improve. Self-awareness makes us a better friend because with it comes the ability to see our actions through the eyes of our girlfriends, understand our reactions to one another and maybe even admit when we’re wrong. It helps us realize that we’re not perfect and makes it easier to accept the imperfections in others.

Know Thyself is the activity that will give you a sense for how self-aware you are and whether you are communicating as you intended. This activity will help you acknowledge your strengths and give you an opportunity to tell your girlfriends the things you admire in them.

mirrorYou may discover that you are being perceived differently than you thought and that may open up opportunities for change. However, simply knowing that you are not perceived as you intended may be enough information to help you manage situations as they arise. On the other hand, you may learn that your girlfriends perceive you exactly as you intended and still you may–or may not–want to tweak your image.

So pour a glass of your favorite wine, take out a sheet of paper and answer the following ten questions for you and for each of your girlfriends. (We have included some sample answers for “Emily” to help get you started.)

Know Thyself

No need to feel uncomfortable or put anyone on the spot. Know Thyself is about having a good sense of how you are coming across to others. So once everyone has had a chance to answer these questions for each girlfriend, take a few minutes to review the anonymous responses and discuss the feedback in a general manner.

Is your self-image clear reflection of who you really are or a mirage? Remember, the power is in the truth, the courage is in the reflection and the value is in the change.

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2 thoughts on “Know Thyself

  1. Ha! This is a great exercise. Self-perception is a tricky thing. Research shows that we are rarely right when we truly try to assess ourselves. Although it’s a popular new age thing to not care what others think, there’s a lot to be learned from how you are perceived by others. Sadly, most people simply don’t want to hear it:)

    • You are right on, Jacquie. Too often we try to be “perfect” and liked by everyone all of the time, which can lead to our own suffering (depression, feeling poorly, etc.), but if we are truly authentic without pretenses, we can better handle feedback about how we are perceived, especially if given by loving friends. Easier said than done? Perhaps….

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