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Dear girlfriends,

DebJuliePhotoHow would you like to have your name, photo (if you’d like) and comments published in our next book?

We need your help. We need comments from women like you who have done one or more of the activities from our blog (see the list below). Provide us with your feedback on how the blog activity went or what you learned from the experience. Include a photo of you doing the activity if you’d like.

If we use your comments or photo in our next book–you’ll get a copy–hot off the press–for free! Simply click on one of the activities below, get your friends together and let the activity guide you to fun and fresh insights. Leave us a comment and we’ll take it from there. (Note: The names may have changed from the original blog post.)

Thank you for helping us make Drink Wine and Giggle a success! ~ Deb & Julie

"Doing 'Collage Life' made me think about what I want, what I like and what makes me happy. It's fun being with friends and a great way to get to know myself again." ~ Cathy Tucker, Mt. Pleasant, SC

“Doing ‘Collage Life’ made me think about what I want, what I like and what makes me happy. It’s fun being with friends and a great way to get to know myself again.” ~ Cathy Tucker, Mt. Pleasant, SC


1. Bottle Your Motto – Let your guiding principle lead you forward.
2. Live and Let Learn – Share your area of expertise.
3. What is THAT? – If you didn’t know it was a clothespin, what would it be?
4. Flex Your Mind – Give your perspective a workout by changing positions.
5. Whodunit Dinner – Everyone’s a suspect until dessert is served.
6. Write Your Folks’ Lore – Give your parents a voice before their stories are gone.
7. 20/20 Foresight – See your goals become reality in front of your eyes.
8. May I Have a Word? – Increase your vocabulary and discover the lexophile inside you.
9. Fearless Friends – Overcome your fears with a little help from your friends.
10. Blueprint Your Life – The only vision board you’ll need for the rest of your life.
11. A Puzzling Experience – 5 Down, 6 Letters: A synonym for “chuckle.”
12. Girlfriend Think Tank – You might find a solution for solving world hunger.
13. A Lyrical Dissection – More fun than dissecting frogs.
14. A Shakespearean Festival – Nice play, Shakespeare!
15. Girlfriend Guides – The power to change your life is within you.
16. What’s Your Type? – What makes you unique?
17. Personality Plus – Match personality traits to the girlfriend that shows them.
18. What’s In A Name? – Does your name suit you?
19. There Is Only Word For You – Can you sum up your friends in just one word?

1. Sublime Time – Transform your home into a spa.
2. Walk Your Talk – Multitask your way to health and happiness.
3. Accentuate the Positive – Put the spotlight on your best feature.
4. Sleeping, Beautiful? – Get the beauty R.E.S.T. you need.
5. Action Flick – Be a personal trainer and star in your own video.
6. Polish-it-off Party – Nothing completes a look like a fresh coat of paint.
7. Body by Satire – Face your body nemesis with a little irony.
8. Drink Water and…Workout – Kick your workout into aqua gear.
9. Good for What Ails You – Do you know the symptoms of common ailments?
10. Ode to Haute Couture – You decide what’s hot and what’s not.
11. Farm-to-Table Challenge – Delicious culinary adventures start at the Farmers Market.
12. Eight Week Lifestyle Challenge – A friendly competition where everyone wins.
13. A Friend in Knead – Nothing like a game of footsie to improve your health.
14. Who’s Ready to Detox? – It’s time to evict unwanted toxins.
15. The Power of Touch – Release your oxytocins with a hug.
16. One Style Does Not Fit All – Does your closet need an attitude adjustment?
17. What Color Season Are You? – Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring–which one suits you?

1. Know Thyself – Does your body language match your words?
2. Girlfriends are Superheroes – What’s your unique power?
3. One-Hour Restoration – In one mindful hour, you really can have it all.
4. Oz for a Day – Because Oz never gave nothing to the Tin Man that he didn’t already have.
5. That Old White Magic – Connect your Higher Self to the Universe.
6. Grandma Show & Tell – Tell us what’s so special about your Grandma.
7. Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart – Let your heart guide you to bliss.
8. What Would Oprah Do? – Get into the head of someone you admire.
9. Say it in a Word Cloud – Sum up what you want to say in 25 words or more.
10. Test Drive a Chakra – Good vibrations of a different color.
11. Give Yourself a Break – Discover the virtue of doing nothing.
12. The Girlfriend Ripple Effect – Pay it forward and start your ripple.
13. Random Acts of Kindness – It’s the little things that matter most.

1. Do-It-Yourself Jigsaw Puzzle – You’ll crack yourself up.
2. Cheer Up! – Give me a G, give me a I, give me a G, give me a….you get the idea.
3. It’s All in a Name – Name-calling encouraged.
4. Caption Your Childhood – Kids say the darntest things.
5. Unleash Your Inner Puppy – Who let the dogs out?
6. Girls’ Night Out Sleepover – Not your daughter’s pajama party.
7. The Good Guise – Feel what it’s like to be Cleopatra.
8. Get a Girlfriend Greeting – Know the secret handshake to get in.
9. First Time for Everything – Relive your “firsts” and slow down time.
10. Hit the Road – A road trip you won’t forget.
11. Girlfriend Q&A Origami – Use a Cootie Catcher to learn more about your friends.
12. Silly Song Sing-Along – Because it’s pure joy.
13. Retro Game Day – Roll the dice and relive your youth.
14. Madam Crystal Ball – You may have a soothsayer among you.
15. Our Predictions for 2014 – Only time will tell…
16. Get Your Sexy Back – Sexy is confidence!
17. The Hunt Is On! – A treasure hunt is fun at any age.
18. LOL – Laugh out loud for your health.


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