The Hunt Is On!

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This activity is as much fun for the hostess as it is for her girlfriends but in very different ways. The hunt is for treasure and, in Drink Wine and Giggle style, that means girlfriendly treats. If you’re the hostess, you’ll want to create a treasure with a basket filled with wine, wine charms, cocktail napkins, chocolate, lip gloss, nail polish, candles or any other item that you know your friends will enjoy. Of course including a copy of our book Drink Wine and Giggle is always a welcoming gift. Continue reading

Hit The Road

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The journey not the arrival matters. ~ T.S. Eliot

Family road trips often come to mind when making vacation plans. Fond memories of piling into a car filled to the brim with beach bags, pillows, picnic baskets and snack foods, not to mention kids sitting hip to hip without even a seat belt between them. In contrast, today’s family road trip might feel more like being sentenced to solitary confinement with everyone wired into their personal technology device. Continue reading

Don’t Act Your Age

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Julie’s remembers how much fun it is to hula.

Maybe it was being told to ‘grow up’, ‘don’t act so silly’ or ‘act your age’ but for whatever reason, somewhere along the road to adulthood many of us parked our bicycle, turned in our catcher’s mitt and stopped rolling the dice. But we don’t need to close the play book just because we’ve been handed the keys to adulthood.

Finding time to play is important as it stimulates creativity, reduces stress and increases energy levels. Play is hardwired into our DNA and without it adults can often find themselves lost in a world of fear, anger and obsessive worry. Play makes you feel lighter and more optimistic, refreshing your mind, body and spirit.

Despite the fact that we were all expert players when we were young, playing can seem like a foreign concept once adulthood hits. The DWAG Gals have come up with Don’t Act Your Age that will please both your inner girl and outer woman. As always, these are best done with your girlfriends. Continue reading

Singing in the Rain

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Time to check the forecast. If it’s calling for rain, make a date with your girlfriends for Singing in the Rain, the activity that makes you feel like a kid again. Most of us remember those moments of purposely splashing in puddles, walking through standing water instead of around it and bending our heads back to allow the rain to wet our faces. It’s a feeling of freedom, carefree moments of bliss that only childhood—and girlfriends—can guarantee. Make a date to channel your inner child with girlfriends who give us the encouragement we need to do things we haven’t done since we were little girls. Continue reading

The First Time I Ever…

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When was the last time you remember doing something for the first time?

Psychologists will tell you that the reason why we remember our “firsts” in life (our first car, the first time we kissed a boy, our first apartment) is because unique events slows down time while routine makes time go faster. The first time you do something, you are living in the moment, taking it all in, and because it is different than anything you’ve ever done before, your mind is alert. Continue reading