Are You Sleeping, Beautiful?

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Sleep is…the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.
~ Thomas Dekker

One of the best ways to keep you beautiful inside and out is to get enough sleep. It should be easy to get enough rest as our bodies are wired for downtime, but it seems too many of us are busy answering wake-up calls. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine reported that 20 percent of Americans are suffering from sleep deprivation and 60 percent get less than six hours of shut-eye per night. Continue reading

Eat Local Challenge

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Typically when the average North American sits down to eat, each ingredient has travelled at least 1,500 miles. You may not have given your food’s hometown much thought, but wouldn’t it be a fresh idea to fill your plate with the local foods of the season–spring’s asparagus, rhubarb and radishes, summer’s berries, tomatoes, onions and corn, autumn’s apples, pumpkins and squash, and winter’s ice wine? Continue reading

Dance For Your Life

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People have been dancing for as long as they have been walking. Dancing takes on many forms and is a way of expressing oneself. It can be choreographed—set to a prescribed sequence of movements—or adlibbed, allowing the body to move freely and naturally to the beat. Dancing has always been known to improve physical and mental health. It improves the condition of your heart and lungs, increases muscular strength (reducing the risk of osteoporosis) and improves balance and flexibility. It’s also a great way to improve your mood. Continue reading

Uncover Your Hidden Assets

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Have you noticed that the stronger rays of sunlight that come with spring also highlight the the dust that had been camouflaged during the dark days of winter? Unfortunately, it’s not just dust that seems to be magnified with the warmer weather. If you’ve hidden under layers of clothes for the past few months then you may be feeling a bit shy about exposing your arms, tummy and legs. Not to worry, as The DWAG gals have an easy fix that is all gain and no pain. Continue reading

8-Week Lifestyle Challenge

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Julie and I decided to challenge each other for an 8-Week Lifestyle Challenge contest. We started on Monday, May 26 and we will continued through Sunday, July 19. We wanted to get back into shape and fit into our clothes easier. For more info on the contest as described in the original post, see below.

Here are the results of our final week eight:

Deb: 212 points, for a total of 1,742. I feel great! I am back to my lump-free torso and have more energy than I did before our Lifestyle Challenge. Here are my final results.

Julie: 232 points for the week making that 1,806 in total. I feel so much better than when I started and plan to continue to follow this lifestyle plan as it is simple, easy and delivers the feel good results that I want.

Here are the results of week seven:

Deb: 192 points. My worst week yet but I am not discouraged considering this week I celebrated my birthday, Canada Day, Independence Day and assorted social events. I’m going to buckle down this week and finish well. Click here for my results.

Julie: 231 points for this week which is descent considering I started my vacation on Saturday. Take a look at my results here.

Here are Week Six’s results:

Deb: 234 again, so very pleased with my results. Haven’t been on a scale in weeks but I’m feeling great and fit! Two weeks to go and I know I can keep it up! Here are the details.

Julie: 222 points. What can I say except that I slipped this week with Canada Day and a lovely afternoon with my two girls to kickoff summer. Here are my results.

Here are the results of Week Five:

Deb: 234 points! My best week yet! I really tried to buckle down this week and be aware of what I was doing. Feeling great and know that I’m creating healthy habits for myself so that I can enjoy life for many years! Click here to see what I did this week to make a difference.

Julie: 229 Points. It was a good week. This is definitely becoming a way of life and I plan to keep it going once our challenge is done. Here are the results for my week.

Here are the results of Week Four:

Deb: 201 points. Weekend and wine are a bad combo for me. And I indulged in a couple of desserts this weekend. It’s Monday so it’s back to making the healthy choices that will get me to the level of fitness I desire! Want to know how many I points I lost this weekend? See for yourself here.

Julie: 231 points. This week I indulged in too many carbs at the end of the week and I certainly felt it. I’ve known for sometime that carbs are not my friend and I just confirmed it    once again. Bread is banished for next week. Check out my results here.

Here are the results of Week Three:

Deb: 219 points. Not as well as last week or the week before, however, I feel good and feel as though I continue to get slimmer every day. Click here for my scoresheet (no comment on the wine consumption).

Julie: 235 points. Woo hoo, my best week so far. I made the decision to ramp up my exercise and watch my wine consumption and it added up to more points. Here’s my scoresheet.

Here are the results of Week Two:

Deb: 225 points. Same as last week. My challenge is during the weekend. Also, I lose too many points with those extra classes of wine. I’m glad my exercise regiment is in full swing! I haven’t weighed myself, but my clothes are fitting better already! Bring on Week Three! For details on my scoresheet, click here: Lifestyle Challenge DEB

Julie: 220 points. Better than last week but still I let myself get sidetracked too often especially when it comes to exercise. Deb and I had a weekend together which was so much fun and very much needed and that meant I exercised my bicep muscle too often lifting my wine glass. Week three, I’m ready for you. Here’s my week 2 scoresheet.

Here are the results of Week One:

Deb: 225 points. Friday was my worst day but the rest of the weekend wasn’t too bad. I tend to start the week off strong, which is a good thing. I don’t have a sweet tooth, however, I love my wine–something I’ll strive to limit next week. For my detailed scoresheet, click here: Lifestyle Challenge DEB

Julie:206 points. Well, here come the excuses: It was my birthday on Saturday, I was babysitting my grandson over the weekend and my nephew and his girlfriend arrived for a visit on Sunday. That translates into too may sweets, too little exercise and too much wine. For my detailed scoresheet, click here: Lifestyle Challenge JULIE

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