Autumn: A Time For Change

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autumnIf the fall season is known for one thing it is probably change. The temperatures fall and the days get shorter. All living things prepare for transition to the colder climate. Autumn marks the end of summer but with all endings, there are new beginnings.

The Drink Wine and Giggle gals are preparing for a transition as well. We are going to say so long for now to our virtual girlfriends and let the universe guide the ideas we’ve expressed for the last few years into the lives that may be inspired. The DWAG gals are saying goodbye for now as we transition toward new beginnings along our journey through life. Continue reading

The Hunt Is On!

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This activity is as much fun for the hostess as it is for her girlfriends but in very different ways. The hunt is for treasure and, in Drink Wine and Giggle style, that means girlfriendly treats. If you’re the hostess, you’ll want to create a treasure with a basket filled with wine, wine charms, cocktail napkins, chocolate, lip gloss, nail polish, candles or any other item that you know your friends will enjoy. Of course including a copy of our book Drink Wine and Giggle is always a welcoming gift. Continue reading

Know Thyself

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If you do not tell the truth about yourself, you cannot tell it about other people.
~ Virginia Woolf

Self-awareness—an understanding of ourselves, how we relate to people and how people relate to us—is important because it enables us to build on our strengths and identify areas we may want to improve. Self-awareness makes us a better friend because with it comes the ability to see our actions through the eyes of our girlfriends, understand our reactions to one another and maybe even admit when we’re wrong. It helps us realize that we’re not perfect and makes it easier to accept the imperfections in others. Continue reading

Are You Sleeping, Beautiful?

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Sleep is…the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.
~ Thomas Dekker

One of the best ways to keep you beautiful inside and out is to get enough sleep. It should be easy to get enough rest as our bodies are wired for downtime, but it seems too many of us are busy answering wake-up calls. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine reported that 20 percent of Americans are suffering from sleep deprivation and 60 percent get less than six hours of shut-eye per night. Continue reading

Flex Your Mind

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Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
~ George Bernard Shaw

Imagine being stretched out on a yoga mat in pigeon pose. If you can hold this pose, then it might suggest that you are flexible, but physical flexibility does not translate to mental flexibility. Mental flexibility is the “ability to shift a course of thought or action according to the changing demands of a situation.” To test your tolerance for change, ask yourself the following questions. Continue reading