To All Our Girlfriends…

Welcome to your one-stop resource for girlfriends.

Are you looking for more than the usual supping, spa-ing and sunning with your friends?

Drink Wine and Giggle is all about using the power of friendship… to turn girlfriend time into life-enhancing experiences.

Drink Wine and Giggle’s fun yet simple mind, body, soul and funny bone activities will leave you feeling inspired and rejuvenated. You’ll experience personal growth in the comforting presence of your girlfriends. Check out a sampling of our activities that will:

  • encourage self-awareness;
  • strengthen your bonds of friendship;
  • be an inexhaustible source of fun;
  • make your life better in a lasting way.

Visit our Blog any time you want to feel a part of a growing girlfriend community. The Book Drink Wine and Giggle offers you 101 ways to connect with your girlfriends. And, if you haven’t taken our What Wine Are You? survey yet, take a moment to do that. Then, if you’d like to download the survey questions and answers to share with your girlfriends, CLICK HERE! Contact Us and tell us how your girlfriends have made a difference in your life! Here’s to growing gently together. Lynne, Deb and Julie